Wednesday 18 March 2015

Car Transportatiion ,Bike Transportation

When you want to ship your car or transport it to other locations, you can avail of the services of auto shipping firms.  There are many firms offering to do this for you.  Check

One can check each company for their auto shipping services.  It is best that you get a quote from a selected few of these companies, and compare the prices they give.  To get a price estimate, these auto shipping firms would ask for your car type, the type of transport service, the approximate departure date and the destination of the delivery.  Get the total cost, and ask clearly & directly whether there are hidden costs that you might have to pay for.

Getting the services of these auto shipping firms would require that both sides will sign a contract, specifying the agreed upon terms and conditions of the service, the cost, fees, and anything & everything that is demandable at each side.  One should not take this lightly, and not accept it as standard contracts for such services.  Remember that when you have complaints regarding their service, these firms will always refer you back to the contract you have signed.

In the contract with these auto shipping firms, check especially for the cost of cancellation of the shipment.  When the firm isn’t able to get your car on the pick up date, and you decide to cancel it, often the contract would specify for a cancellation fee.  If you are keen about this, then ask for a contract clause that would waive the cancellation fee if they were not able to pick your car on time.

Be skeptical of auto shipping firms that promises exact dates for their pick up and delivery of your car.  If these firms were true to their promise, they wouldn’t mind putting these promises into writing with a remedy if the promises are not adhered to. 

Take note of the insurance coverage.  Check if the carrier’s insurance is primary to your own insurance if ever anything unfortunate happens along the way.  Get their policy on any damages that would result from their service.  Good auto shipping firms provide one with an Original Inspection Report, which shows the condition of the car before transit.  When the car arrives at the destination, one can check the car against this record.

Choose an auto shipping firm, which is known to have provided many customers with excellent service.  Ask around, ask your friends who have had experiences with firms providing such services.  At least when your car leaves your garage, you are confident that it is in good hands.

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