Thursday 19 March 2015

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If you are contemplating a long vacation or maybe planning to permanently relocate somewhere else, you would normally want to bring your car with you. It would certainly be a sensible idea if you don’t want to part or sell it. If you are thinking on availing some reliable automobile shipping services, make sure to do some background checks on all the competing companies. When making some comparisons, it is not just about finding the least expensive automobile shipping rate available but to ensure that you will be getting quality service too. This is highly important since you would be relying on them to handle the transport of your car from point A to point B hopefully without any mishaps. But before you book for any automobile shipping, here are some great trips that you can use:

Advise your automobile service contractor if there are any modifications in your car, like camper shells or you have a lowered vehicle. Make sure than you will be easily accessible by phone throughout the whole duration of the automobile shipping.

To prepare your vehicle for relocation, check for any fluid leaks, and make sure that your batteries are snugly fitted in the mounting bracket. Disconnect and disable all the alarm systems and remove any enhancements such as CD players and car phones. If you are moving to a place with a drastic change in climate, prepare to vehicle to better adapt the change in temperature.

There are certain regulations that govern automobile shipping all over the US and abroad. Copies should be furnished on all the relevant papers such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), the vehicle’s property title, and license plates. You should also provide your automobile shipping company the complete name and address of the person who will receive the vehicle at the point of destination. Automobile shipping would normally take 7 to 14 days, provided that all the requirements are complete and there are no other complications. Otherwise, if some required documents were not properly provided, the vehicle will be held in custody and the owner will have to pay for the storage fee. If in case the vehicle is a collateral to a loan, the owner should also be able to present some documents that would substantiate that the bank or the lending institution have full knowledge and consent to the shipment of the automobile. It is important to comply all the requirements to make sure that the shipment will not encounter any delays and for you not to constantly worry during the whole shipment duration.

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