Thursday 14 March 2013

Packing Tips

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Packing Flatware

Please follow these steps to ensure that your stemware is appropriately packed:
  1. Place one plate in the center of your packing paper and take two sheets of paper at one corner and pull over the plate so as to completely cover the plate
  2. Stack the second plate on the first plate then grasp the second corner of your paper and pull it over and cover the stacked plates
  3. Stack the third plate and take the remaining two corners (one at a time) and fold each corner over your stack of plates
  4. Turn your wrapped stack of plates upside down onto your packing paper and re-wrap the entire bundle. Follow same wrapping procedure as before. Start with one corner of packing paper, and pull two sheets over the bundle: cover bundle with next corner, then third corner, and finally, the fourth
  5. Seal the bundle with plastic tape and place the bundle of flatware in the carton so the plates are standing vertically on edge
  • All flatware, saucers, bread and butter dishes, etc. should follow the same procedure
  • Small dishes (saucers, bread and butter dishes) can be stacked in greater quantity in a bundle

Packing Cups And Glasses

Cups and glasses may be “nested” (one placed inside another) and three or four wrapped in a bundle. Tear or cut some small sheets of paper. Use at least a couple of small sheets between each glass or cup as protective lining.
  1. Take first glass and line with a couple of sheets of your cut-up paper
  2. Place second glass (or cup) inside the first one and line with two more sheets of paper. Repeat this step until you have 3 or 4 glasses or cups nested together
  3. Next, lay the nested glasses or cups on a stack of wrapping paper, in a diagonal manner, towards the edge of the paper. Grasp the corner closest to you with two sheets of wrapping paper and wrap it around your glasses or cups
  4. Grasp the next two corners of wrapping paper and wrap them around your glasses. Then roll the glasses into a bundle
  • If you have cartons with dividers, pack glasses, cups and stemware in these boxes. If your bundle does not fill to the top of each compartment fill it up by stuffing additional crushed packing paper in the compartment
  • If you do not have cartons with dividers pack your glasses, cups and stemware in boxes with your other dishes. Fit them in where there is space. Be sure these articles are toward the top of your carton.
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