Sunday 10 March 2013

Find Helpful Moving Tips?

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We moved our stuff from UK to India using Euro Packers And Movers Pvt Ltd.. The overall quality of the service was very good and I would definitely recommend one to use the same vendor if required. The Simpsons gave us a quote for the stuff we wanted to move on volume basis. My husband Abhi was suppose to leave UK before the packers acutally came to move the stuff. They provided us very good service by sending us all the documentation well in advance. He just had to sign of few papers, provide the inventory list  

 Helpful relocation tips:
1. Create a moving notebook or folder so that all of the paperwork related to your move is in one place. Make notes, create a checklist, and keep receipts and documents.

2. Create a moving calendar to track all aspects and tasks of the move.

3. Do your research, or ask a professional organizer, about resources such as housekeepers who clean empty homes, carpet cleaners, reputable van lines and technology specialists.

4. It's time for The Great Give-Away. Why move things you no longer need or use? Find another home for them: favorite charities, recycling centers, family members, and garage or estate sales. A professional organizer has available resources to assist with the process. Someone out there needs what you want to give away!

5. Don't forget that all-important "survival box" packed with your bed linens, coffee pot and other must-have ite
7. After you and your stuff arrive at your new digs, the last thing you need is a backache. Use furniture moving pads to slide heavy furniture around – it's a cinch and doesn't scratch the flooring.

8. Find friends, family, or a professional organizer to help unpack and put away. You don't want to live surrounded by boxes for weeks (and sometime months). Get help and get your house in order quickly so you can carry on in your new home and with your new life. Putting the puzzle back together can be fun.

These tried-and-true tips should make the relocation process a lot easier. Enjoy your new home!

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