Sunday 19 April 2015

Furniture Shipping with Packers & Movers Kolkata

You just got promoted and are excitedly happy about the big news. The bad news is that you need to relocate yourself. You just can’t leave some of your priceless furniture, so you are planning to bring them with you to your new place. The excitement now turns into a panic. You don’t have any idea how to move your beautiful furniture to your new home.

Moving pieces of furniture needs a delicate handling. It requires the expertise of furniture shipping professional. If you are one of those who are experiencing the dilemma what to do in furniture shipping procedure, the list below might just be great help.

Piece by piece. Determine the number of furniture that needs to be transferred. Making a list will serve a best guide because you can keep track with your belongings. Each piece of the furniture including the accessories should be jotted down in your checklist. In the shipping parlance, furniture is considered as household goods.

It is in the packing. When we receive gifts we are constantly reminded that the value of the present is not in the wrapping but in the act of giving. It is not true with furniture shipping. You can’t afford to have your ageless pieces of furniture to be destroyed during the move-out. So you demanded that they be wrapped with utmost care. Such is the case in furniture shipping. The packing of furniture plays a great deal. Each piece has its own specific packing requirement and materials needed. Aside from the huge cardboard boxes, bubble bath and edge protector are necessary in packing furniture. They provide protection from chipping-off, breakage and scratches.

What’s in a name? Now that you have finished taping off the boxes, it is important that they are properly labeled. Shipping labels help for easy identification of your household goods. Delicate pieces like those made of glass or ceramic must be labeled fragile. This signals the shipper that the furniture needs extra care. During transit, your furniture is shipped together with other load of cargoes inside a crate or a container. To avoid mix-ups and disorder, labels can help it.

Keep moving. Depending on the distance of the point of origin to the destination, furniture shipping may take several movements, handlings and various carriers before it reaches your new abode. It may also take several days, however it depends on the specification on the number of days that you want your cargoes to reach in front of your doorstep.

These are just some of the basic information that you need to know about furniture shipping, of course there are other concerns like the price quotations and the paperwork that you have to accomplish. But you need not worry because a furniture shipping company will handle everything for you. Of course if the price is right.
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