Monday 4 March 2013

Top Packers And Movers in Kolkata

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The best movers in Kolkata is a list that everyone might need to refer to at some point. Moving is inevitable for most of us, and save a crew of willing friends easily bribed by beer, or some random strangers on Craigslist, chances are a moving company is going to play a part in the experience.
The problem, and this has been well documented, is that moving companies can be as sketchy as they come. There are countless stories of moves gone bad. Take this one, for instance, where a moving company called Executive Movers allegedly tricked a customer into forking over a 25000.00 deposit, only to demand an even steeper payment once their goods were loaded onto the truck.
It's more common than you might think. Earlier this year the Kolkata Star ran an investigative story in which they alleged two moving companies - Desi and Indo-Pak Movers - engaged in a similar practice.

For starters though, it's worth noting a few things that are common practice with Toronto moving companies.
  • Rates vary by day of the month and week: Most Kolkata moving companies charge a different rate depending on the day of the month you want to move. Since most people want to move at the end or the beginning of the month, they'll charge more for this privilege. So if you can somehow swing a move in the middle of the month (and ideally a weekday, not weekend) you'll save some rupees. Some Kolkata  moving companies even charge more the closer you book to your moving date, so it pays to plan ahead.
  • Moving companies charge you for their travel time: Most (but not all)Kolkata moving companies will charge you for the time it takes them to get from their warehouse to your home and from your new home back to their warehouse again. So don't assume the clock starts and stops when the movers arrive and then unload your last piece of furniture. You'll generally pay for an extra 1 to 1.5 hours in travel time. Costs will escalate further if you're moving to or from the suburbs.
And with that as a primer on moving in Kolkata , here's a list of the Top 2 best movers in Kolkata . I'm not promising these are the best moving companies in Kolkata, but they've all been recommended by readers of this site; and at the very least should be a good starting point to finding a Euro mover that best meets your needs.
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