Sunday 17 September 2017

How To Choose Movers & Packers


If you are switching apartments or relocating from one city or another, a good mover and packers can solve half your problems.
Listed below are some criteria the movers and packers should meet before your hire them to move your precious goods.

Do not compromise on quality

While comparing offers from packers and movers, it is always better to think about choosing the high-quality ones with the high weight quote than those that offer minimum quotations. Expensive movers are definitely genuine and try to give the best service possible in order to maintain their reputation.

Read reviews

Researching the moving businesses is necessary for a hassle free relocation. Read the reviews of different packers and movers and make a smart decision.

Know the difference between a fake and a genuine review

Most movers and packers assign writers to write fake reviews or spam a review portal website with their fake positive reviews. A fake review often brags about the service and mostly will leave a link at the bottom of the review. They might also mention a contact number. A genuine review is unbiased and gives a fair account of the service.

Check for the office in the new destination

Make certain your proposed moving company has their office in your new destination, as well. This will come in handy once you have relocated in the new city.

Meet your proposed mover before you decide

Meeting your proposed packer and mover in advance will assist you to get a general idea about their services It will give you fair idea whether they are genuine or not. So, meet, speak, if possible and then take a decision to hire the services of the moving company.

Ensure that there are no hidden charges

Clear this before you book them. Inquire about hidden charges like toll, labour etc.

Check whether your proposed moving company offers insurance

Hiring the services of a moving company that offers insurance to your things will not only ensure safety of good but also make sure you are reimbursed in the case of damage or theft.

Claim for things damages during the move

After you have moved and unpacked, if you find your good damaged, feel free to contact the movers and seek reimbursement.
Follow the above-mentioned tips to make your relocation is safe and hassle-free one. Always remember to choose a mover and packer that provides insurance because hiring a suitable mover and packer, that covers any damage caused during transit, is important for your valuables and especially electronics.

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